The small precision circular saw for a price that doesn’t break the bank!

The K3 basic precision circular saw is required in craftwork shops and industries for various jobs.
The high quality guiding system of the Hammer format sliding table, the double mitre system for the length and mitre cutting, and the tilting circular saw unit, = the ingredients for highly precise circular saw jobs!

K3 basic – ideal for those who work in tight spaces but still demand quality and performance!

... why you should choose a Hammer

  • Excellent value for money
  • Decision making reliability for many years to come
  • Innovative machine technology
  • Solid cast iron tables and units
  • High quality, unique detail solutions as part of the standard package
  • Top quality manufacturing with strict quality guidelines
  • Remarkably user friendly
  • Classic design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Compact functionality
  • Mobile as an option
  • Minimal space requirement
  • Quickest changeover times

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Saw blade tilt 90°–45°

The blade can be tilted to any position between 90° and 45° and guarantees precise mitre cuts. End stops at the 90° and 45° position ensure the exact positioning of the settings, a large dimensioned scale makes the exact setting and reading of the value easy.

Scoring unit for laminated workpieces

The scoring unit ensures chip free cuts in laminated workpieces. The cutting width of the two part scoring blade can be adjusted accurately to the tooth width of the main saw blade using a ring set. The drive of the scoring blade is done mechanically, with it rotating in the opposite direction to the main saw blade.

Grooving, slot and tenoning with the saw

Every hammer panel saw can be equipped with a prepartion for the use of specialised dado tooling. The dado tool can be fitted to the saw arbour and makes it possible to make various width grooves, tenons and slots of between 8 and 19.5 mm in width.

The aluminium sliding table, the heart of every panel saw

The aluminium sliding table gives the precision from the first cut. Guaranteed Hammer stability and precision: the strong ribbed, milled and anodised aluminium hollow-chamber profile of the sliding table in combination with the high quality guiding system ensures maximum accuracy and precision!

Crosscut fence for precise mitre cuts

Adjustable to any position between +45° and –45°, the crosscut fence ensures precise angled and mitre cuts. A scale integrated into the aluminium sliding table makes it easy to set precisely. The end stop for the 90° position guarantees absolute precision with repeat settings. The scale on the 900 mm long aluminium crosscut fence is angled towards the operator and makes it easy to comfortably read the exact setting. In combination with the crosscut stop with integrated magnifying glass, highly precise settings and as such absolutely exact results are guaranteed.

Strong motors - Optimal power transmission

The power transmission of the motor power to the saw arbour or moulder spindle is achieved using large dimensioned Poly-V belts and counter surface. The surface area which is increased through the V shape of the drive belt on the pulley increases the grip and ensures an almost perfect transmission of power from the motor to the saw arbour and moulder spindle.

Minimal space requirement - mobile in every workshop

Hammer woodworking machines are an absolute spatial wonder. The efficient machine design of a Hammer means that space can be found in even the smallest of workshops. As an option a rolling carriage can be fitted to every Hammer, offering mobility and freeing up additional space.

Hammer - Decision making reliability for many years to come

HAMMER - Stability, functionality and reliability from Austria - Hammer woodworking machines are a top-quality product from the Felder-Group Since 1997 Hammer have been producing high quality yet affordable woodworking machines for smaller workshops and businesses. The models have been specifically designed for this customer group and are now available in the basic, winner and perform configuration, offering price optimised solutions for every requirement. Decades of experience building machines, Austrian craftsmanship, strict quality standards and tried and tested Felder system solutions, guarantee excellent woodworking machines, the best operating results and customer satisfaction for years to come. From the passionate woodworker to the business user with high demands, with machines from Hammer you are guaranteed reliability and precise woodworking.

Rip fence on the saw table

The cutting width on the saw table can be adjusted to any position between 0 and 700 mm. The scale that is integrated into the rail ensures the exact setting of the aluminium rip fence to the position required. The aluminium fence can be positioned in any position along the cutting direction - when processing long workpieces you get a better feed of the workpiece and ensure a high processing precision. When carrying out mitre cuts with a tilted saw blade it is possible to move the fence from the horizontal to the flat position. The narrow fence edge then enables the rip cutting of very thin workpieces. An even more precise, tenth of a millimetre accurate setting of the aluminium rip fence can be achieved with the optional Hammer fine adjustment.

As an option: Adapt the table size to the workpiece dimension

Processing long and heavy workpieces without assistance - no problem with a Hammer! The Hammer table extension system has proven itself thousandfold, the world over. In just a few steps and without tools the table extensions can be mounted to every Hammer machine. The surface can be extended by 400 or 800 mm on each side of the working table. Which means that it is possible to increase your table length by up to 1600 mm!

Stable-compact-precise, the Hammer saw aggregate

The Hammer saw aggregate impresses with smoothness, precision and extreme user friendliness. The large cutting height of 103 mm leaves nothing to be desired. Saw blades with up to 315 mm diameter can be lowered completely below the level of the saw table. The saw blade is simple to access and can be changed with ease.

Oprema & Tehnični podatki

001 Napetost 3x 400 V S
003 Napetost 1x 230 V, Motor z močjo 4,0 KM (3,0 kW) S6/40% Opcija
004 Frekvenca toka 50 Hz S
005 Frekvenca toka 60 Hz Dodatna oprema brez dodatnih stroškov
007 Motor z močjo 4,0 KM (3,0 kW) S6/40 % S
28 Zusätzlicher Notaus Opcija
Žagalna enota
Premer glavnega žaginega lista 250–315 mm, hitrost vrtenja lista 4800 vrt/min S
Nagibanje žaginega lista od 90° do 45°, max. višina reza je 103 mm S
Žagalno-rezkalna miza 860 x 300 mm
76 Širina vzdolžnega reza do 800 mm 0–700 mm
82 Priprava za montažo utornih (Dado) rezil do širine 19,5 mm Opcija
83 Osnovno paralelno vodilo S
85 Fina nastavitev paralelnega vodila Opcija
74 Mehanska predrezna enota, s predrezilom premera 80 mm Opcija
Anodiziran formatni voziček
130 Formatni voziček dolžine 800 mm, dolžina reza 865 mm* S
131 Formatni voziček dolžine 1250 mm, dolžina reza 1300 mm* Opcija
Prečna miza in vodilo za prečne reze
164 Prislon za prečne reze dolžine 900 mm za vse vozičke S
165 Teleskopsko izvlečen podaljšek dolžine 750 mm za prečno vodilo (#164) Opcija
Teža v kg (s povprečno opremljenostjo) bruto 310
Pomembni dodatki
210 Kolesa za premik stroja brez dvigalke Opcija
211 Dvigalka Opcija
212 Priprava za odmik podajalnika Opcija
221 Transportvorbreitung für Überseetransporte Opcija


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