Varovanje osebnih podatkov

Za ogled spletnih vsebin ni potrebno vnašati nobenih osebnih podatkov. Vnašanje osebnih oz. poslovnih podatkov, kot so ime, poštni naslov in e-mail, kjer je to omogočeno, je izključno prostovoljno. Uporaba in/ali plačilo naročenih storitev in dobrin je dovoljeno - če je to tehnično mogoče in upravičeno in dokler je to dovoljeno z zakonom - tudi brez vnosa osebnih podatkov ali anonimnih podatkov oziroma psevdonimov.

We use your e-mail address to send you information about our own products and services. We will neither give your address to third parties nor send you advertising from third parties. At the end of each of our Newsletters we offer you the opportunity to cancel your subscription. Clicks onto the hyperlinks embedded in our e-mails or our Internet site are recorded anonymously, thereby ensuring that it is not possible to make any connections with personal user profiles.

Use of Your Data
We use your personal data so that we are able to create more personalized bulletins, products and services. Besides the e-mail address, any additional personal details (not obligatory) you give us shall serve the sole purpose of helping us to address you correctly and personally. You may, of course, enter an alternate e-mail address and fictitious names.

Transferring Data
We are obliged to ensure that your personal data remains confidential; we shall not sell or trade your personal data to/with third parties or otherwise infringe upon your personal rights. We shall neither rent our address lists to third parties nor send advertising from third parties to you.

By entering your personal data, you grant us permission to save and use the data in compliance with current data protections laws. The data is personal and hence shall not be made accessible to third parties. You may at any time revoke the permission you granted us to save and use the data by asking us to delete your personal details. In the event that you request that we discontinue sending e-mails to the address you provided to us, we shall be obliged to deactivate this address.

User Interaction
Our Internet server automatically registers any attempts to access the Web pages stored thereon. The information thus collected is anonymous and shall remain anonymous also when saved. It is not possible to connect this data with you as a person or your individual behaviour. For the distribution of our Newsletter we use a counter mechanism that stores the user’s interaction with it anonymously. More specifically, the system registers the hyperlinks the user clicks on, but in no way associates the clicks with the individual. We construct anonymous profiles of the usage of our Web pages and our Newsletter for the sole purpose of improving and optimizing our Web pages. Under no circumstances do we record the individual behaviour of the users.